6 Funeral unique in the World | uniquenews

6 Funeral unique in the World | uniquenews
6 Funeral unique in the World | uniquenews
Death is something mysterious in the life of all mankind. In general, humans bury the bodies of their relatives by means buried in the ground. But some civilization in the world has its own unique way of treating the human body had left the world. Here are 7 examples of how some of the death of human civilization addressing them in a unique and quite sadistic ..

1. Cannibalism Ritual burial is probably the most sadistic among this list. Some tribesmen in the Amazon and Papua, have funeral rituals are very brutal. They take the bodies of their dead relatives! They believe that this is the most effective way of showing their love and affection to their relatives who had been deceased. It is believed that they will gain the knowledge and skills possessed by the deceased when he was alive.

 2. Sky Burial, Tibet Having prayed for by relatives, the bodies of people who had died were taken to the top of the mountain. With naked, this body mutilated. Not long after arriving vultures were eating the bodies of humans. In fact, sometimes the bones too finely ground so that it can be eaten by other, smaller birds, such as crows. Previously, the skull cut first and brought home to be used as drink cup. Feeling sadistic way this cemetery? Try reading before the next funeral ritual

. 3. Sati Community Hindus believe that when a man dies, his wife left him with burns required the husband's body as a form of sacrifice in marriage. Although the cemetery is illegal, but the practice of Sati was performed by several people until now.

4. Ceremony famadihana In Madagascar, by some, the funeral was conducted by dancing bodies to invite relatives who have died. It seems terrible that it was common there. Graves had relatives buried in it for several years (usually done every 7 years) back unloaded and wrapped corpses are left back with silk. After that wrapped the remains of the bodies are lifted by a few people and asked to dance with a cheerful tune. Once the ritual is complete, the body was reburied.

5. Bog BodyProsesi done by the community following the death of Northern Europe from the medieval past, by sinking a recently deceased human body into a swamp. Unlike other ancient cemetery, bog bodies to maintain the condition of the skin and organs of the body in unusual circumstances, because the condition of the swamp. These conditions include water with high acid content, low temperatures and lack of oxygen, which makes the body was intact, but the skin looks charred.

6. Mummy The process that began in the cemetery of ancient Egypt was conducted by the upper classes. It is believed that the mummification process helps the spirits of people who died on the way to the afterlife. There are so many ways in the mummification process, one of which is done by removing all the organs in the body the body, including the brain, which is issued by way of inhaled through the nose. After that, the body was stuffed with dry materials such as sawdust. Then given the balm as a preservative and wrapped in linen. Mummification occurs in extreme hot and dry so that the body will be dehydrated quickly. Usually mummification occurs in 12-14 weeks. The network will turn into hard, dry, dark brown, wrinkled and not rot.

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