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have you seen the red eel?  | Unique news
CHINA, Lishan village. Beginning with the story of Mr chen which normally fished in the afternoon around 4 pm. at that time there was nothing strange about the river and the local atmosphere, a long wait for the fish turned out to be mistaken for an eel and truly shocked Mr Chen that eel skin color is really red blood.

 Expert speaks Once the height of the phenomenon will be discussed in the red is not an expert to respond as well. Marine fisheries technology experts have said that the cause of the Red Zao clan yet there are some things, such as environmental factors, food can also be caused by the quality of the water itself.

Other than that it could be caused by the way the eels are born because it is not time that is red or alternatively due to the impact of changes in the gene mutation.

He also suggested that the eel is not consumed because it was feared contain elements harmful to the human body.

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