what happens if the elephant went into the hotel

What reaction You get into the hotel and when you will check in at hotel lobiy arrived - arrive you see a very large African elephant and possibly dangerous?

This is what will happen when you visit the Mfuwe Lodge in Zambi. Elephants are often times going back and forth in the hotel lobby

Elephant Must Not Dangerous

Although elephants are wild animals, but apparently the elephant has been accustomed to seeing people around them and have a special relationship with everyone at the hotel. What is interesting is the elephant was apparently familiar with the hotel staff.

The hotel is not built deliberately in the path that is often skipped elephant, and the hotel owner did not know that there anadalah elephant paths. This has been going for several years and the elephants always come to visit the hotel lobby every year around November, and then eating their favorite fruit around the lobby about four times a day.

Bushcamp Company Director, who is running the Mfuwe Lodge, Andy Hogg, explains: "There are ten elephants in the group and they often visited the lobby of the hotel just to look for food around the hotel lobby, this is surprising!".

Yaahh in my opinion with this reported on Mirror.co.uk certainly will take a lot of tourists from England. Hmm a lucrative promotion

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