the world's fastest snail

A snail that is named Sydney, was able to beat 200 competitors in the worldwide race a snail race in Norfolk.
Slimy animal identical slow it, won the race with a count time of three minutes and 41 seconds.

The owner is Claire Lawrence (62), of Litcham, Norfolk, was awarded a silver cup containing leaf lettuce.
Congham, a city which hosted this event for 25 years, and dubbed as the "Snail Racing Market. "

As reported by the Telegraph, the organizers believe that the village of Norfolk is an ideal location for organizing championships and a proliferation of these slimy animal.

The race was carried out on a table covered with a damp cloth. The snails were placed in the center circle, the animal must walk towards the outer circle that formed the finish line.

The world record broken in 1995 for a total time for two minutes, the winner this time is a snail named Archie, he must pass along the 13-inch path to become winner.

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