divorce because of facebook increased

Some time ago the Egyptian cleric issued a fatwa haram to open up, because it can lead to divorce. It may be that it could be true.

The reason, a survey conducted by the American Academy of Marriage Lawyers (AAML) put the number of divorces caused by growing up in the last year. They said in the last five years the number of divorces increased activity because someone on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

According to 66 percent of AAML members, from the average case they are facing, Facebook is the leading cause of divorce and child custody, and MySpace 15 percent and five percent due to Twitter.

"Facebook is a source of information. My advice to its clients, close the account up you guys," said Kenneth Altshuler, former Vice President of the AAML, told Reuters on Friday.

"If someone is going through a divorce or custody they will confide in social networking. That's what makes turmoil often happens," he said.

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