Black Piranha bites Stronger Than Dinosaurs

Black Piranha
Piranha is famous with its reputation as a brutal flesh-eating fish. But who would have thought the bite force defeated all animals with many times the size of her body. Black Piranha Bites claimed to be the strongest in history, defeating the dinosaurs.

 The findings, reported in the journal Scientific Reports after investigators arrested 15 Black Piranha in the Amazon river. A joint team from the United States, Egypt and Brazil that uses gauges to see the power of the jaws of piranha teeth. Piranha jaw muscles appeared to have a bite force equivalent to 30 times their weight.

Seeing that body size is only 20-37 cm long, the piranha bite turns beating Tyrannosaurus rex and whale Megalodon. Actually bites great white shark, hyenas and crocodiles stronger but was not considered remarkable because it still meets with his size.

Black Piranha bite size is 320 newtons, 3 times more powerful than the American alligator. One newton is the force required to move the weight of one kg within 1 m. This is the first bite of the fish with the scientific name Serrasalmus rhombeus was measured in a state of alive.

"The story that circulated hyperbole from piranha-infested waters skull was the unfortunate victim, but the effectiveness of bites they never discussed," said one of the research team. "Our analysis predicts Megapiranha bite is equivalent to the anterior bite force of the great white shark weighing more than 400 kg."

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