Gold-plated limousine luxury cars in China

limousine cars Car limousine is the vehicle that is identical to the jet. Limousines have been used to make people amazed, especially when coated with gold. One is China's limo.

Earlier there were Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-McLaren SLR plated 5 kg gold. Now comes the Lincoln Town Car layers of gold in China. A netizen photographed while on display in front of a hotel in the city of Chongqing.

The whole body measures 5 meter limousine wrapped in high quality gold from the bumper to the rear view mirror. Only a few parts, such as the roof and grille are not using a layer of gold that appears to contrast. Racing stripe on the hood gives a nice simple touch.

The existence of a limo Lincoln Town Car that was special because it was not officially exported to China. But the car including a prestigious brand line of limos. This gold-plated limousine rented for an important event like a wedding, but do not know how much it costs.

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