this is crazy, soup of the baby. real

soup of the baby
soup of the babyThis story was written by a journalist in Taiwan in connection with the gossip about the strength and stamina enhancer foods made ​​darisari / broth human fetuses. 'Healthy Soup' which is believed to increase stamina and virility made ​​from human fetus aged 6 -8 months perporsi can be purchased for 3000-4000 RMB (local currency).

One entrepreneur TongWan factory owner in the area, claiming Taiwan as drinkers stay 'Healthy Soup'. As a result, the 62-year-old man explains the benefits of Healthy Soup'ini retain the ability to be able to have sex several times a night.

soup of the babyAuthors are invited by a businessman over to one of the restaurants that offer 'Healthy Soup' in the city of Fu San - Canton and was introduced to the restaurant cook. The password for the 'Healthy Soup' is BAIKUT. Cook foods restaurant states is not easy in the can since they are not available 'ready stock'. It added that the food must be served fresh, not frozen.

soup of the babyBut if you are interested, they provide placenta (placenta) are believed to increase sexual desire and also youthful drug. The restaurant cooks say if it wanted Healthy Soup ', he suggested to come to a village outside the city where there is a married couple, the wife was pregnant 8 months.
Also told that the woman had previously contained 2 times, but the second child born to the female gender. If time is born again woman, the 'Healthy Soup' can be obtained with the near future.

Ways of making 'Healthy Soup' own, as told by the journalists covering this story is as follows: The fetus is a few months old, plus Pachan, Tongseng, Tongkui, Keichi, ginger, chicken and Baikut, in the team for 8 hours, after it was cooked properly cook the soup.
soup of the babyA few days later a source to contact the author to report missing Thaisan that there are restaurants that already have stock untuk'Healthy Soup '. Together with the entrepreneur, writer and photographer went to a restaurant in Thaisan to meet those restaurants that cook without wasting time directly invited the group to tour the kitchen.

soup of the babyAbove the cutting board looked lifeless fetus was no bigger than a cat. The chef explained that the fetus is 5 months old. Not explained how the purchase price, it certainly depends on large-small, living-dead fetus and forth (Good heavens!). This time, the price per share of 'Healthy Soup' 3.500 RMB because the stock was hard to come by. While preparing for our order, to open the cook explained that the fetus is miscarried or aborted, usually dead, can be purchased for just a few hundred RMB course, being that close to the date of birth and is still alive, can be as expensive 2.000RMB.

soup of the babyAffairs baby was handed over to the restaurant, alive or dead, no one knows. Once completed, 'Healthy Soup' served hot on the table, writers and photographers did not dare to participate in a tasting, after a visit in the kitchen, have lost all appetite, then quickly left the grounds they are not feeling well. According to some sources, which consumed all fetuses are female fetus. Is this a result of the Chinese government's policy to require that one child in a family that applies to the present, or just because people will be healthy food craze has reached a condition that is so darned.

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