Similar head "Alien" Found in Ancient Tomb

alien head
The surprising findings resulting from excavation archaeologists in an ancient tomb 1,000 years old from the pre-Hispanic village Onavas, Southern Sonora, Mexico: a deformed skull. Instead of round, oval skull a late look, sticking up, like a picture of an alien in a movie or a science-fiction story.

However, there is no connection at all with being ekstraterrestial, odd-shaped head is the result of the practice of engineering in the head to get a specific shape. Alias ​​intentional.
"Deformation skull on Mesoamerican cultures used to distinguish social groups. Also for the sake of ritual, "says archaeologist, Christina Garcia Moreno, director of research cooperation project Arizona State University and the National Institute of Anthropology and History (Inah), as published by the Daily Mail

There are 25 skeletons found in the ancient cemetery. Thirteen of them have intentional skull deformation, five others had dental mutilation, also known as miserly or pangur teeth.

Pangur gear, such as the culture of Nayarit is a rite of passage into adolescence. According to Moreno, it was confirmed from the findings in Sonora cemetery where five bodies with teeth like those over the age of 12 years. "These findings suggest mixing the traditions of various groups in the north of Mexico," said Moreno

alien headIn the tomb were also found various accessories made of shells obtained from the Gulf of California, which has never been observed before in the Sonora area. It shows the influence of the Mesoamerican people farther north than previously thought.

A number of bodies were found using such ornaments, bracelets, nose rings, earrings, and pendants made ​​of shells found in the Gulf of California. The cemetery contains turtle shells are carefully placed on the abdomen.

alien headCould formation Fatal Head Practice head shaping a world culture is prevalent, even deep in the Neanderthal era. Usually, such a practice is performed on infants, whose skull is still malleable. Performed in infants aged 1-6 months. To create certain effects, often used the board to push the head to oval.

However, such practices can be fatal, as shown by the finding in the ancient tomb Sonora. Of 25 skeletons, 17 were aged 5 months to 16 years. While 8 of them adults.

Experts suspect, infant mortality and teen allegedly because the pressure is too hard on the skull. Especially not found that certain diseases can be the cause of death

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