Farmers china, Pedals Pedicab from China to London

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A farmer from China again proved the power of dreams coupled with hard work and determination able to be realized. Chen Guanming wanted to go to England with what he has is a rickshaw. He also managed to get to London by way of pedaling his pedicab from China.

 Middle-aged men started perjalananannya two years ago after being inspired from the story of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At that time, the mayor of London had received a Chinese farmer who asked permission to get into the stadium and take on the role of carrying the Olympic flag. Chen was moved perform similar actions, but in a different way.

For two years Chen has traveled as far as 60 thousand miles through 16 countries. He made it through the extreme temperatures up to war with baggage in the form of giving residents a disinggahinya. Finally he managed to arrive in London on 6 July after departing from his home on May 23, 2010.

The first three countries traversed by Chen are Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, which makes clothes wet with temperatures up to 38 degrees Celsius. Even he had to paddle in flood hit in Thailand. Chen also was having trouble getting out of Southeast Asia because his visa was rejected in Burma.

Chen also denied entry to Myanmar should be pedaling up the mountain peaks of Tibet as far as 7 km. Up in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, he caught the bad weather to end up in Turkey which has a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius. "When about to Turkey, I had a snow storm trapped for four days," he said.

On arriving in London, Chen assisted by a broker, John Beeston, who found her limp and looked lost. Armed Chinese potluck, John drove Chen to the Chinatown in Soho, London. There, Chen has the story warmly greeted and offered accommodation for residents in London.

Despite the journey is full of obstacles, apparently did not make Chen cured. Subsequent aspiration is towards the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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