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If you go to England at this time do not be surprised when they saw a car run on water ice. This type of amphibious vehicle used Dave Mounfield to market his wares.

HMS Flake 99, the world's first amphibious vehicle used to sell ice cream on the fringe of beach and waterways of England.

Amphibious ice cream van was used in order to the National Ice Cream Week. As quoted from Trendhunter

Any action to sell, she put the speaker who sounded the strains of classic Rod Stewart with the song "We Are Sailing", as long as they are sailing at 5 knots.

"I'm proud to introduce that I was the captain of an ice cream van amphibians. This is a wonderful thing! I hope this marks the beginning of a great revival of trade ice cream on the coast of England," said Mounfield excited.
This could be an alternative in the current sale of ice cream manufacturers claim that their industry is in crisis. The number of vans reduced only 5,000 of 20,000 van for 50 years.

This is because many restrictions on the use vans because of concerns about noise and air pollution. Ice cream company is also being hit hard by the rising cost of dairy ingredients and sugar, and gasoline prices.

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