justin introduce Selena to his parents

Justin Bieber show its seriousness in a relationship with Selena Gomez. Evidence, Justin did not hesitate to introduce the older lover of one year from him that to his family.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Friday (6/3/2011), Justin invites Selena went to his hometown in Canada. Selena met with Justin's extended family, including Justin's parents.

Do not forget Justin invites Selena lunch with her ​​extended family. Justin's family looks so happy to accept the presence of Selena.

"They were really sweet and they are a matching pair. Justin often come here every time you come home for lunch," one source beber.

Justin was starting an open affair with associated relationship Selena. Some time ago, they also do not hesitate to show affection while on vacation in Hawaii.

Selena was also always seen present in every concert chanter Never Say Never that. Including when Justin stomping fans in Indonesia some time ago.

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