justine Bieber apologized for his behavior

Some time ago, when Justin and his girlfriend Beiber Disney star, Selena Gomez, leaving an Italian restaurant where they celebrated the anniversary of the 17 th Beiber, a quarrel between him and the paparazzi. A day later, Justin Beiber apologized for brandishing his middle finger to the paparazzi who gathered around them at that time.

Beiber day was indeed upset. He did a spontaneous movement after he took their car in which Gomez and then covered her face. The incident was something unusual from the pop star is because usually he never felt distracted. Maybe because they want to enjoy special moments together, or indeed caused by the paparazzi that outrageous.

However, Justin Beiber willing to admit his guilt. "I apologize," he wrote in his Twitter account. "It's not easy but I should know better than just get angry." He also added that life was 'up and down' and that he would someday make mistakes.

The attitude of the artist's mature teens indicated this when he said that he would always try to learn from the mistakes he made and tries to do the right thing. We also did not escape the mistakes and must learn from past mistakes. There is a rose is down. When it comes down, do not forget to go up again.

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