iphone Japan-made ​​food

'iPhone' sells in Tokushima. It was also delicious.
The iPhone fans, or anyone who wants an unusual snack, can enjoy snacks from the gadget version of Apple's output in the cafe Green Gables.

Kumiko Kudo, 44, owner of the cafe, began to sell these iconic smartphone since a customer asked him to make pastries iPod Touch for her birthday.
The customers get me wrong, thought the cake was shaped iPhone. But he was happy to overdo then spread the word about Green Gables cafe via Twitter.

According to the Asahi, Kudo has been invited to meet Softbank President Masayoshi Son and give him a piece of pastry iPhone. Teleco Softbank is the distributor of the iPhone in Japan, and the Son is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Japan. Son also had
commented via Twitter account about how he really wants a piece of cake iPhone. He then wrote again, "I am very happy. I can not bear to eat it."

Within a day, Kudo only producing 20 cakes iPhone. Per cake sold for 2.730 yen or USD 290 thousand. Kudo also been trying to make a cake iPad, but, "so the cake is too big, heavy, and difficult to make."

Just like the original, this iPhone cake does not have a USB port

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