selling milk from his wife via the internet

When you are required to choose, what do you say to this one man: lack of work or generous?
A Chinese man sells wife's breast milk on the Internet because he did not want the milk is wasted.

Li Jun of Hanyang district, Hubei Province, said his wife has the appetite like crazy after his wife gave birth to their child that has a surplus of milk.

"Every hour he produced about 200 milliliters of milk, which is too much for our baby," he told Chutian Golden Daily quoted Ananova site.

According to Li, "Breast milk a day enough to feed another baby."

Li also said his wife recently washed his face every day with the extra milk, even the one when he was forced Li to do the same.

"We feel this is too redundant, so we thought to sell it," Li said while adding that they had no intention of lucrative dairy products containing melamine contamination scandal which is currently spreading in China.

"If there are poor families who need us are ready to give it for free," Li said earnestly.

However, he did not mention the site address or email address where if there are enthusiasts who are interested in buying the milk of his wife.

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