married 30 years but has not seen his wife's face

What happened in the southwestern region saudi arabia this is really weird because a husband could not see her face when her marriage age was thirty years old.

Throughout his life, his wife always wore a burka, covered clothing for Muslim women to show only the eye area. In fact, sleep wear it.

For 30 years undergoing marriage without seeing the face of his wife's curiosity was not to bury her husband. Secretly, this man determined to uncover the veil on her face that was soundly asleep.

Only, the answer to her curiosity was to be paid 'expensive' to divorce his wife, 2008. The wife who had an 50-year-old felt betrayed. He rounded wants a divorce, even though the husband had repeatedly apologized and promised not to repeat his actions.

"After all these years, he (husband) tried to violate a commitment, this is a big mistake," said his wife told the local newspaper, Al-Riyadh, as quoted from page Daily Mail.

What does the woman is a form of adherence to tradition that thrives in the village, not far from Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia's southwestern region. Not Islam, but this tradition thrives in some remote areas in several Gulf countries.

That was not the only case. A man named Ali al-Qahtani also received threats when trying to open the veil divorce his wife after 10 years of marriage. Luckily he will be forgiven after promising not to repeat his actions.

While Hassan Al-Atibi threatened to marry again if his wife was not willing to open the veil. Not threatened, the wife even find a woman who did not adhere to that tradition to be a second wife. Her husband gave up polygamy seems to be better than showing her face to her husband.

Om Rabea al-Gahdaray, 70, one of the women who undergo this tradition says that a husband must not violate the commitments agreed upon before marriage. Husband can not change the tradition that had been built since the time of their lelulur.

When asked how he could have children without allowing her husband to see her face and body, al-Gahdaray replied, "Marriage is about love, not faces.

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