peak of the Mardi Gras carnival

From Brazil to the United States, parties more festive carnival, which ended with a grand finale, Mardi Gras, which is only days away.
In Rio de Janeiro, the party has started since Friday. To mark the start of the festival, the mayor of Rio handed the keys to the mystical figure, Kong Momo, who led the five-day event with a dance in the streets, parades and parties.

In the United States, hundreds of thousands of people would rejoice had arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, to enliven the largest Mardi Gras in America.

From the famous Bourbon Street, masked participants danced across the city, while drinking.

The party that presents a full day float parade which ended March 8, called Fat Tuesday or Fat Tuesday, a day prior to the Ash Wednesday, first day of fasting for followers of the Catholic religion.

Mardi Gras began in 1978 as a form of public protest action supported by the Gay, Lesbian and transgender community, which requires the existence of equal rights and treatment without discrimination of any kind. So Mardi Gras, at least in Australia, is an annual event masyrakat Homosexual and transsexual community. And properly so it is with the Latin district and the United States.

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