what's wrong with Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen

Recently, actor Charlie Sheen into the media spotlight as it gets a lot of problems, ranging from drugs to sex addiction. Seeing this, Charlie's father, Martin Sheen who is a senior actor Hollywood choose 'run '.

Recently, Martin flew to Malta to promote his latest movie. That way, he can stay away from Charlie. Usually, Martin always refused to go outside the United States only to promote the movie that starred.

"He (Martin) wants to take a break from all the problems that exist in the United States. He was reluctant to answer questions from people related to Charlie," said one friend of Martin as quoted by Showbiz Spy, Sunday (06/03/2011).

Meanwhile, Charlie does not expect help from the father and his brother, Emilio Estevez. He felt mature enough to cope with the problem at this time.

"Now I've aged 45 years and I am not interested in the people who treat me like a kid 12 years," says Charlie.

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