2 days in pools of human waste

wretched fate of a man in China. He was trapped in the pools of human excrement, as high as his neck, for two days. Could not endure an unpleasant smell, the man cried.

Fortunately, the cry was heard a passing pedestrian. Pedestrians were also rushed to help him. Because of the difficulty of evacuation, the pedestrian to ask for help from firefighters.

The officers eventually arrived and down the stairs into the tan dirt receptacle. The man was very weak at all, until the need time for 20 minutes to climb the stairs.

Firefighters said the man had not suffered the slightest injury. But he was very smelly, and require water to cleanse the body.

"When she came out, he went straight to the nearest pond for bathing," said one officer as reported by Orange, on Thursday.

Initially, he wanted to defecating in the toilet is located separately from the house. But he slipped and fell into a puddle of dirt.

No one uses the toilet for two days, so no one to rescue her. In fact, the family was reported to have lost a man ill-fated.

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