chris brown nude photos

Recently circulated nude photos R & B singer Chris Brown on the internet. View a photo into public consumption, Rihanna's former boyfriend was angry and swore.

"WTF! Here we go!" Chris wrote on his personal Twitter account, as reported by Aceshowbiz, Sunday (03/06/2011).

The photos were seen taken by the singer born May 5, 1989 that use the iPhone. Sources reveal, Chris sends these photos to a former boyfriend who then upload it to the internet.

To date, the Chris not to comment about the circulation of nude photos.

Not long ago, Chris was also upset by the circulation of photographs of faces bonyok Rihanna on the internet. Incidentally the photos were circulated simultaneously with the release of new album, Chris, 'FAME'.

'This is irony, how a person's photograph issued to coincide with the time of Albums! Wow, I think it should be a movement strategy. Unbelievable, "he wrote.

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