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Another natural phenomenon that a blow to Newton's law of gravity. Region of Santa Cruz, California there is an amazing natural phenomenon, where a lot happens on the ground irregularities which might create confusion and surprise when we visited the place.

Because the place that is a stretch of lush forests that laws of gravity as if it had no meaning at all, all trees standing on its side with the same slope direction can even say almost collapsed. Many people who call this place "mysterious dots".

If humans were around the "mystery spot" though, the whole body without the desired bandwagon too skewed, though trying to stand up straight, the result will be the same.

Strangely, though in a state tilted position in a large scale, all objects that there will not be dropped or lost keseimbangannya.Jika tried to walk, we step remains stable and running without difficulty, although in a tilted position.

When you visit this place, we can see the oddity - oddity like a house that looks hapir collapsed (when in fact it is still sturdy), brooms that can stand alone in a state that side, men who can stand walled, and other anomalies.

Worse yet, with the existence of this phenomenon, the forest animals no one wants to hang out and look for food around the "mysterious dots" so, they might be scared or something?

"Mystery Spot" may prove the weakness of Gravity theory, Sir Isaac Newton to the law of gravity states that all objects will be drawn towards all other objects by the force of gravity.

This power depends on how many substances that depend on objects and the distance between them. The foundation was to explain why the orbits of the planets and moon-shaped ellipse. The law also describes the motion of all objects in the universe is vast. Given this phenomenon, Newton's law of gravity that lasted for about 4 centuries may be time for revision. But until now, the scientists can not explain how this phenomenon could occur, may still be waiting some time longer to solve this mystery, or maybe your friends already have a theory or argument to give insight how this phenomenon can happen?

Actually, such phenomena are not only happening in the region of Santa Cruz, California only, but can also be found elsewhere. It is mostly located in the USA, but in the euro area can also be found a place like this, for example around Warsaw, Poland. Oh yes, new aq remember, there is also the same thing disebuah areas in China, but that is a highway ramp. Uniquely ground whole thing on wheels / easy-rolling would be interested in heading upward climb, but if you think about these things without it is logically absurd.

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