install the current text (marquee) in blogspot 2

blogger tips this time is the continued posting how to make and install the current text (marquee). if you do not know what is the marquee should you read my previous article "install and learn marquee (text runs)"

if you've read my previous post or already know it, please continue.
This is the third version of the marque

1.Marquee 3.0
Marquee 3.0 is climbing marquee, marquee these climbers love to heights, so we see the text any upward direction (up):). If you have a lot of text, the marquee is an appropriate choice of a distinguished and highly suitable

FORMAT : <marquee direction="up">your text</marquee>
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2. Marquee 3.0.1
Marquee 3.0.1 Development of the previous marquee that has no space limit, we restrict this marquee kasatnya space that exists at height 100 only. Likewise with the ability to slow down our scrollamountnya. And we love on the mouse stop / start as well.

FORMAT : <marquee direction="up" onmouseover="this.stop()" width="100%" scrollamount="2" onmouseout="this.start()" height="100">your text</marquee>
Teks Anda

3. Marquee 3.0.2
Marquee 3.0.2 Still the development of the marquee before, it's just text in the middle of the room visible

FORMAT : <marquee direction="up" width="100%" scrollamount="2" height="100" align="center">your text</marquee>
Teks Anda

4. Marquee 3.0.3
Marquee 3.0.3 Development is also in opposite directions from the previous marquee, marquee is happy to walk down. text that we saw running from top to bottom. We do not limit the ability scrollamountnya so it looks aggressive with a small plain room. Please add your own slow

FORMAT : <marquee direction="down" width="100%" height="100">Teks Anda</marquee>
your text

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