victoria beckham pregnant again

Victoria Beckham's desire to regain momongan finally materialized as well. Once blessed with three children, Brooklyn (11), Romeo (8) and Cruz (5.5), Victoria is now awaiting her fourth child.

Spokesman both confirmed the news. "David and Victoria Beckham happy to proclaim the presence of their fourth child this summer," said a spokesman was quoted as saying both the People on Monday (1/10/2011).

"Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz are very pleased to welcome their new brother," he said again.

The desire to have a baby was expressed by the wife of England soccer star, David Beckham, it was some time ago. He said something like, "One time when I was awarded the child again, I think it's extraordinary gift," says Victoria (36). "Having three boys had quite a lot, but who knows (awarded again), one time?" he hoped.

The desire to have a daughter Victoria became an obsession now. In fact, had circulated the news that former Spice Girls were about to adopt a baby girl as a complement to their families. However, the news that he denies.

In response to the pregnancy of his wife, Beckham also had also expressed his happiness over his Facebook account. "I have great news that I want to convey to you all," Beckham wrote. "Victoria and I'm waiting for the fourth child this summer. Children will be delighted to sting the presence of their new brother, what is a male or female," she wrote again.

Simon Fuller, who also mentors business associates Beckham, is the person who first gave congratulations to them. "I'm really glad to hear it," said Fuller. "Family means a lot to David and Victoria, and this is good news for them to start in 2011," he said

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