Blackberry service block in Indonesia

Indonesia, Affirmation of Communication and Information Minister (minister of telecommunications and information) Tifatul Sembiring browser service that will block the BlackBerry's Research In Motion (RIM) have a variety of criticism from the public. But what is the response of telecom operators in the country?

Xl Axiata Director, Hasnul Suhaimi said on Monday (10 / 1), "In principle we as operators simply follow the existing legislation only. But we hope the government does not shut down everything."

The same thing also expressed by GM Value Added Service (VAS) Marketing Indosat said that the operator will get the stone.

"Actually, have blocked all of baseball. But we (the operator) can only follow the decision aja. After all, we just are in the middle, which is RIM's decision," he said.

Another with Manjot Mann, President Director 3 (Tri), he still could not talk much about this.

"We have not received official confirmation from the government on this matter. We await the results of further discussions to be conducted between governments, operators and the RIM about this," said the man from India.

In its official statement, RIM said that was trying to find the best solution for this problem and will resolve it as quickly as possible. From the information gained, the RIM and Kominfo plan will meet this afternoon, Monday (10 / 1) to find relevant solutions to this problem

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