blogger reason, turn off blog comments

a little bit about why I closed comments here have been speculative comments come back from time to time, or just a temporary thing. This is not to treat people before I'm sorry, but I'll give you the real reason, and also some speculation treatment.

Broken Window Theory: 80 and 90 broken windows theory became popular, known as New York, are here in a police theory. No one is a district, no one care in some parts of the population, and a lawless ghetto in the region will fall gradually as a signal that basically said that if broken windows based repair. I believe that the same is not true for blogs and blog comments. Would you like the place and people's comments here or use the links in the names of suspect sites based on keywords. Others suspect makes ridiculous comments. I would decide how bad it was and how real people or bots. If you turn over more than the "borderline" moderate your comment, and your workload will only increase in the coming months.

Scandal Spam: Akismet Sorry, but I've been the owner of the spam you can make each walk. oldu─čuyla encountered while only 10% came through the photograph so that meant that thousands of them have to spend time moderating. In addition, there are always people here, at least in this case 'was not getting labeled as spam.

Haterz: controversial messages I am doing more than most people, so I'm going to be proportional Haterz stands to reason that a higher than normal. More Haterz I get to spend more time, I moderate comments.

Haterz I'm a moderate, spam, spam and fake spamoflage the time spent in a neat little package, there is too much to say. This is far less waste, or later, or I was a time in moderation. Removing comments PageRank "evaporation" to make the restriction of or connection with the now floating FlowLink consolidation or otherwise restrict the layout of a rabbit brianed thing, has to do with using my time wisely and profitably.

I do not think that comment is valuable not to say, this place, especially in most cases, only the music, the value really can be difficult to justify. Comment forever ... well forever is a long time ... But I would say I'm very happy with the extra time, I guess I got no return in the short term.

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