catfish, the man-eaters

Since 1998 until 2007, three men disappeared suddenly drowned in the Great Kali River, a river across the border between Nepal and northern India. This is very strange because the area was not a habitat for crocodiles and other aquatic predators.

Finally, from an eyewitness who saw the incident, a child is seen being dragged into the water by something that looks like a long-sized pig.
After that, the victim was never seen again, alive or dead. Similarly, the remains of the body or clothing.

The cases sparked Jeremy Wade, a British biologist to observe what is in these rivers. Because the attack occurred only in certain areas, as long as about 6 to 8 miles. The area was, according to residents, is the area where they used to melarungkan bodies of their brothers who had died after being burned.

After researching using a depth gauge, he is sure there is no hole was found, meaning that the attack was not caused by the turbulence that occurs in water.

Sure enough, shortly after that, from a distance of about 1 kilometer from the last attack, a buffalo who was drinking at the river that only has a depth of 1 meter was attacked and dragged by something from the water.

"Anything that can drag the buffalo for it certainly has the size and weight as heavy as 90 to 140 kilograms," said Wade, as quoted by Discovery, December 29, 2010.

In underwater research, Wade found goonch catfish, catfish have a similar length of one meter. However, the fish that failed to capture. Further research, it is known that there are several groups goonch and six of them the size of a human.

After failing to catch fish with fishing equipment, Wade tried to provoke the appearance of the fish using a pile of firewood and prepared as if the former cremation of dead bodies. It turns out a success.

A goonch measuring 1.8 meters long and weighs 75.5 kilograms, or 3 times more weight than any other goonch been arrested. This fish is estimated to big and strong enough to eat a small child, but not big enough to drag and eating a buffalo.

From the description of the population, Wade concluded that 'catfish' that has mutated into a taste of human flesh. Fish also continue to grow into a giant after eating undercooked meat remains humans who sunk in the riverbed.

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