online sex shop specifically Muslim (Islam)

A special online sex shop first Muslim launched recently in the Netherlands. Shop called El Asira is located in Amsterdam and claimed himself as the first sexual webshop for Muslims.

"We have about 70,000 hits in the first four days," said Abdelaziz Aouragh, founder of El Asira. This site was first online on last week. However, the current site could not be opened due to overflow of visitors.

Men Dutch citizens aged 29 years explained that her store targeting Muslim couples already married. This site as an alternative to other sites that "only focuses on pornography and excessive side of eroticism", something which is clearly forbidden in Islam.

El Asira website, which in Arabic means "society" has a unique design that will invite the fair sex to enter through the left side of the site, while the men go through the right side.

When you are signed in, users can surf using the Dutch language options, Arabic, or English. Here there will be more than a dozen types of products, ranging from oil to massage, lubricants, and pills that claimed to function as an aphrodisiac.

According to Abdelaziz, all goods sold on this site is guaranteed kosher and certainly no-frills pornography.

"Most of the other products out there using pictures of people nude or obscene words. Very difficult to find other things that can be used in this business, "he said.

Hence also, the website is only displaying the photographs packaging, tablets, tubes, and bottles are mostly pink or blue with the brand logo in black. "We chose the polite approach, and this is a breakthrough in the Islamic world," he added.

The scholars in the Netherlands, such as Imam Abdul-Jabbar, evaluate web sites owned by Abdelaziz as normal. "As long as he does not sell sex plaything or things like that, not a problem. Prophet Muhammad also has been giving advice about sexual problems in marriage and there's nothing to taboo, "he said.

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