Avoid Tsunami, Kristen Stewart Evacuated

Twilight Artist and film crew were forced to evacuate, after a tsunami alert sirens sounded at their shooting location in Vancouver, Canada.
8.9 Ritcher scale earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan 23 feet, turned out to send a warning sign of danger to the other side of the Pacific Ocean, the site of a project of the film 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. "

All the stars and the film crew, including the main character Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner is the process of taking pictures, finally brought out of the set. According showbizpy, they all are now in healthy condition, although some were still shaking and nervous as tsunami warning siren suddenly sounded.

Tinsel Korey, Emily Young's role in Breaking Dawn, wrote in his twitter me, "They're evacuating us because no tsunami warning. If this is my last tweet, I love you. If this is your time, then I had lived a good life. I am grateful for everything I have. Finished. Hugs. "

A number of his followers then accuse Tinsel too flighty. Tinsel any reply to their accusations. "I do not try to dramatic! I'm just saying how peaceful I am. That's the truth. All fine. We managed to finish it, "said Tinsel.

The earthquake and numerous aftershocks in Japan has sent a tsunami warning to more than 50 countries in the Pacific.

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