victoria beckham select maternity clothes for kate

Desire wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, to soon have a baby soon responded by Victoria Beckham. Quoted from Showbiz Spy, Victoria is rumored to soon send sample designs maternity clothes to Middleton. Victoria sent shortly after the Royal Wedding took place mat.

One source who worked at Victoria's DVB fashion house reveals the news that William and Kate want to have a baby soon. It made the initiative to send a variety of examples of Victorian design maternity clothes that she kreasikan own.

"Victoria itself knows very well what kind of hard to find stylish maternity clothes. Considering he himself also is pregnant, "the source said.

When Kate using the design clothes, Victoria expect this will further increase the prestige fashion houses, both in his native land of England and the United States. "Victoria believes she will be using the design clothes with a very beautiful," said the source continued.

William and Kate is rumored to have plans to have more children soon after marriage. She reportedly also wanted to imitate celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are adopting children from various cultures.

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