Selena Gomez Backstreet bored with Justin Bieber

After Selena Gomez confirms relationship with Jutin Bieber by saying, "we together" at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, she and Justin never again be open about their romance. One contributing factor is for fans of Justin Bieber.

But now, Selena spoke to Seventeen magazine that she was sick of having to continue to hide an affair, keep the relationship with Justin kept hidden.

"I do not like hiding. I want to keep certain things for yourself. But in the end, I turned 18, and I fell in love. I want to hang out with people," said Selena Popeater that was launched on Wednesday (4 / 5 / 2011).

And although Selena a woman growing up who want to have a normal dating life and free from public scrutiny, he did not give up because the pressure of Hollywood.

"I still think Zac Efron is my husband," she said excitedly. "But I will not discuss it again. I respect Vanessa Hudgens (ex boyfriend Zac)," he added.

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