orgasm/climax 300 times every meal delicious

A woman having an orgasm every time she ate the food and decided to create a site that allows men to see orgasm.

Gabi Jones, 25-year-old woman, from Colorado in the United States (U.S.), experiencing genital arousal disorder called syndrome and have an orgasm without physical contact. Jones, who now weighs 223 pounds to give an explanation of how food makes it an orgasm since a teenager.

At that time he was eating ice cream in place of sales in Wickedy Splits. "I like the texture of ice cream and when I ate it, there is a great thrill in my genital organ, 'he said. In fact, Jones could orgasms 300 times a day.

"I felt something in my body and spread, and I was surprised by what happened to me," said Jones.
"When I eat, I was never in a hurry and give myself time to enjoy it like to enjoy the experience of sex. It makes him crazy to see my orgasm while eating a meal and it was not anything wrong, "he explained

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