Wayne Rooney's beautiful goal, and praise menajer MU

Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson, to assess their students created goals, Wayne Rooney, the Manchester City goalkeeper in the Premier League continued on Saturday (02/12/2011) will be the fruit of lips. According to him, not merely because it is a derby and the goal was to determine the MU win 2-1, but because that goal will not be second to none.

Rooney goal occurs when the scoreboard shows the numbers 1-1, in the 78th minute. In the middle clamp opposing players, he welcomed Nani's cross with an overhead kick that target the upper left corner of goalkeeper Joe Har, a barely reacted to face action Rooney.

Nani Manchester United made the first goal at minute 41, through a solo act and duel one on one with Joe Hart. The City replies goals created midfielder David Silva in the 65th minute.

"That's surprising. (Goal Nani) is extraordinary, but nobody is in good health will talk about it. Everything's going to talk about the goal the winner. Hard to believe. We have some fantastic goals in terms of execution. you'd never see again (Rooney's goal as printed), "said Ferguson.

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