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How shocked teenage boy who was fifteen years old Tennessee United States comes from this. When in one evening after a shower, while staring at his face in the mirror, her eyes suddenly in tears. Not just any tears but tears of blood! The red color of blood is so clear down his cheeks. It seems so awful. His cheeks became red.

Instantly she panicked and shouted for her mother. Inman teenager named Calvino was very frightened and fears he will die so haunting. The mother, Tammy Mynatt, no less panic. With immediately, he rushed his son to the hospital. However, once arrived at the emergency room, blood tears Calvino stopped suddenly, and stopped flowing. Same with the mysterious appearance.

Because the family could not explain to doctors what really happened, doctors told to go home. Mother and child returned home with feelings of fear and great wonder. Painful, the mother's inability to explain the incident made him accused of making it up. Just to seek attention.

A sense of disappointment over the treatment from the hospital swallow, although the more remarkable curiosity bubbling. This never happened before. Calvino grew up like any other teenager. Normal and nothing strange so far. Tears of blood had suddenly appeared without wind, without rain.

Surprisingly, few days later, when the family was camping, Calvino eyes suddenly re-bled. This incident makes the mother's increasingly erratic added panic. He was immediately brought to the hospital again.

This strange phenomenon can not afford expressed by physicians. What was experienced by Calvino could not be explained medically. Calvino examined make use of MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound. But test results showed no symptoms of abnormalities. This is what makes the doctors more curious. "We do not know how to stop these tears of blood," said the mother remember the words of a doctor.

Dr. Barrett G. Haik, Director of the University of Tennessee Hamilton Eye Institute, explains that the phenomenon of tears of blood in medical terms is called haemolacria. The disease is commonly experienced by someone who experienced extreme trauma or a person who suffered serious injuries in the head. However, what happens to Calvino is still a mystery. A very rare cases and appeal. February 1992 through January 2003, Dr. Haik and his team conducted a case study of the tears of blood. They found only four cases during the study period.

Which then makes a mockery of Calvino stress are school friends. In the state of stress, Calvino will face flushed and his eyes would flow from a tributary of fresh red, tears of blood. Blood from Calvino's eyes came suddenly. The emergence of sometimes up to three times a day and will continue to flow for 20 minutes to an hour. His friends mock Calvino being possessed or controlled by dark forces.

According to Calvino, suddenly his eyes often itch. While rubbing his eyes, then she felt her eyes become moist and tears of blood flowed freely. Even supposedly according to him, if this blood tears flowed, she felt the heat. If it is so, he would feel very frightened and often complained to his mother. "Mum, am I going to die?". Of course this is very sad mother.

Dear KoKiers,
Several years before the case Calvino and sticking to the attention of the medical world, at the corner of another world, in India, there is a similar case occurred. A young woman named Rashida Khatoon, a girl who comes from northern India also shed tears of blood.

If Calvino sometimes feel the sensation of heat when blood is being shed tears, this does not happen on Rashida. According to this girl, she did not feel anything. Only, every time the blood out of her eyes, she felt shocked and frightened.

In addition to Rashida and Calvino, there is also a little girl aged around 13-14 years old. He named Twinkle Dwivendi which was also experiencing the same thing. In fact, can say far more horrible than Calvino or Rashida who only bleed from her eyes. Twinkle bleeds apart from a pair of eyes as well as from the head, hands, feet, and some of the pores in most of his body, so that looks terrible. His body was like a blood bath.

Twinkle bleeds several times a day, sometimes even up to fifty times a day. Blood will drip from all the pores of his body that make Twinkle looks like a blood bath out fresh.

Bleeding was started in July 2007. At that time, this girl suddenly bleed through the mouth. Since then, strange events continue to occur and to date Twinkle is accepting blood donations a few times in lieu of lost blood. No wonder if in their daily life, Twinkle face pale and her body always looks weak from blood loss very much.

As quoted from the Daily Telegraph, Twinkle often experience a very severe bleeding resulting in tremendous fear. When you wake up, not infrequently he's been in a state of fresh blood bath.
Various media began to busy preaching this phenomenon. In fact, the phenomenon of Twinkle is published by the National Geographic Channel in September last.

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