Duran, the woman claimed the owner of the Sun

performance of the Sun as the center of the solar system has lasted millions of years. Although there is an adoring, no one ever thought to take advantage of the Sun, But not this time.

A woman from Galicia, Spain an area illuminated by the Sun on the border between Spain and Portugal, claiming he is the owner of the Sun. He even registered his ownership.
Woman's name was reckless Angeles Duran (49). He said that the Sun is his moment. He even register the ownership of the Sun at the notary office.

To the Spanish news website, El Mundo, Duran claimed to begin taking steps to claim the Sun last September. He inspired a story of a man who preached the United States who register themselves as owners of the Moon and most of the planets in our solar system, the Milky Way.

There is an international agreement which states that no state can claim ownership of a planet or star. But, Duran argued, there is no prohibition for individuals to make a claim.
"There is no prohibition for that. Klaimku supported the law. I'm not stupid, I know the law."
"I, as well other people can make a claim. In this case, I happen to do it first," he added.

Documents issued by the notary states, Duran is the 'owners' of the Sun, the star of spectral type G2 is located at the center of the solar system - a distance of 149.6 million kilometers from Earth.

Armed with the deed, Duran who lives in Salvaterra do Mino said he would ask for a fee on anyone who uses the Sun. Money she has received will be given half the Spanish government and 20 percent for pension funds.
In addition, he also intends to provide another 10 percent for research, 10 percent to reduce world hunger, and the rest, also 10 percent for himself.

Duran claims cause a reaction from around the world. As the Daily Mail published the site, a reader from Thailand considers this as a joke. "Are women stupid to know that the sun is Earth's closest star. Basic freak!"

Or else a reader from New York. "That is well, my aunt who suffered from skin cancer will demand it."

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