Tianjin Jian Jiaoxi, the ear budha

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Yilan County Government - Taiwan paid tribute to the 10 people figure. One of them is the Tianjin Jian awarded in the category of "Dutiful". Jian Tianjin has a pair of ears that can be pulled up to 16cm, even his ears can be crossed on the chin really amazing, so Jian Tianjin better known as 'The Bodhisattva Ear / Ear Buddhist'. Tianjin Jian said, "has a pair of 'ear Bodhisattva' makes me feel blessed, may the Lord encourage me to better serve again."

Tianjin Jian Jiaoxi living in the village is very famous for its 'her service'. Jian married stay at home wife and in-laws, surnamed Cheng. Husband and wife were blessed with 4 children. 35 years ago his wife winner!, Jian 4 people single-handedly raising small children, while the father - the mother-in-law ill - sickly Because of advanced age. Jian day and night to maintain and care for them like a caring father and mother, up until his savings exhausted without even complaining.

Jian was a good man, a native ears just like people in general. But after the age of 60 years progressively earlobe length. Long ears reach 10cm, and it looks like rubber, if drawn length is 16cm. According to public confidence in Taiwan, has big ears is a luck, a lot of people who want to hold the ear Jian to get lucky. Moreover, Tianjin Jian was a devoted, kind, and have high social life, community, friends and family were eventually named the ear 'ear Bodhisattva'.

Award as the public figure is the result of recommendations from the local village.

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