a woman having sex with dogs, resulting in death

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43-year-old Irish woman who already had 4 children. he had sex with a sheep dog of the race that his German Shepherd at the request of his rather large.

A few hours later, an unnamed woman is experiencing anaphylaxis or allergic reaction is excessive. He experienced shortness of breath accompanied by a peanut allergy-like symptoms, but so severe that it had to be rushed to Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Limerick, Ireland.

 Allergic reactions experienced less severe, until he could not breathe at all. Quoted from Thejournal, later known women who have a fetish tendencies or aberrant sexual behavior is eventually died.

The tragic events of this stems from the encounter with fellow fetish, which is a 57 year old boy named Sean McDonnell on an internet forum. McDonnell is a shepherd dog owner who once told the woman had sex with a dog. As a dog owner, McDonnell eventually tried to ancama a sentence of life imprisonment was decided recently.

Deviation sexual behavior experienced by the couple is considered as paraphilia, or sexual attraction to objects that are not reasonable. Because the object that made the chance increases sexual desire is a beast, it is more specifically called a deviation zoofilia or bestiality.

Sexual attraction towards another object has its own name such as pedophilia for that aroused by a child, or a necrophiliac for that aroused by corpses. Interest in certain clothing such as stockings and mini skirts more commonly known by their common names, the fetish attire (fetish clothes).

Zoofilia in people, objects that arouse sexual interest is not always the same as there are some men who like fucking goose. While in women, usually vent zoofilia sex with an animal passion that quite a large body such as a dog or a horse.

Copulating with animals risky course. Not only are prone to trigger allergies are deadly as was the case in Ireland, this behavior is also prone transmit defect-sourced animal-borne diseases melakui contact bodily fluids such as rabies.

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