penis festival in Japan

penis festival in Japan

penis festival in Japan In Japan there is a penis festival celebrated every year in the month of April. In celebration, a group of women wearing typical Japanese fashion, and seemed to come out of the temple seen carrying a statue of a red penis.

 Festival penis is done in the area of ​​Kawasaki, Japan. On display at the festival also various kinds of penis-shaped sculpture ranging from ashtrays, household fittings such as Asung and stove from the penis. In fact there is also the cannons shaped penis. Even more ridiculous is, the stores around that sell a range of festival sweets shaped penis (see picture).

penis festival in JapanLarge and small, young and old, men and women look happy to see the festival. Not yet known what the meaning and history behind the celebration. What is clear Japan as a country does have a lot of festivals and celebrations. Sex in Japan is not a taboo. For Japanese women, still a virgin on the wedding night is something very embarrassing. This condition means that they are at their lowest level in the association

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