warning, sex in the car

For those of you who have a habit of making out or having sex in the car, seemed to stop these bad habits. Couples from China, this could be an example. They both nearly lost their lives when making out in the car and almost fell off the 18-meter high building. The incident began when a couple named Qiao Hou and Lili Tang from Changsha, Hunan province, southern China looking for a place for romance. Finally, they point to a car parking space on the roof of a building deserted.

unique news pict In the parking lot, they were making out. They turn on the car engine continues to be deliberately dikabin air conditioning to stay cool thanks to the continued functioning.

But when you're busy making out, either because tersenggol, gearbox has moved into reverse gear. And unfortunately again, when the romantic atmosphere of the gas pedal depressed so the car runs down quickly and hit the divider. Fortunately, the couple behind the wheel brakes swiftly, before the car fell off the roof of the 18-meter high building.

unique news pictLucky, the car has not fallen. And if seeing conditions, the situation is very terrible. Because half of the car's body was hanging. Aware of this, Tang Lili was hysterical fear and screaming from inside the car.

And fortunately again, the cry was heard by others. Some people also helped the couple out of the car. "They were very embarrassed but grateful to be alive," said a witness named Hui Ying Wu.

Hmmm, no nonsense. It is also a WARNING for those who often Make love in the car, so be wise and vigilant.

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