fish with a human face

Although located in deep waters off the coast of Tasmania, exactly- about 9600 kilometers away. But this fish was the most terrible in the world.

From the report peneliatian American experts, Fish Blobfish now aghost to the population. As you can see from the photos, fishblobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus) is the most horrible fish in the world.

The fish can jump and for this carp can suck blood and disfigurethe body when bitten. Moreover, mucus is very dangerous. But there's something worse. Face.

Most fish do not have a face. You've heard people refer to "fisheye" or "fish lips".

But really blobfish have faces. Not the fish's face, but a human face, complete with lips and big, round nose.

A blobfish looks like fat, and probably very smart. And because itis very dangerous.

"That's dirty!" said an American newspaper editor was quoted as saying ang not believe the Los Angeles Times newspaper. Butonce she saw the photos, he started to show his right hand fingertapping.

Some marine biologists can assure that blobfish living deep in thewaters off the coast of Tasmania - about 9600 kilometers away -and could certainly never find its way into the Chicago river orcanal boat.

But the fish could have entered through the river and then look forhuman blood and enter through the water tap and then bite whilepeople sleep.

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