sit 700 hours, world record

Artists from Serbia during the 700 hours spent staring at members of the public on Monday. Performing arts became the longest ever undertaken.

The show, held at the Modern Art Museum on March 14, this showsMarina Abramovic. He sat for seven hours a day, six days a week,on a chair in the hall of the museum.

The visitors are welcome to sit down face and just stared backenough.

The celebrities who participate become participants in the other1,400 people like Bjork, Lou Reed, Marisa Tomei and IsabellaRossellini sat, looking at artists who are always so long wearingthis red dress.

Many of the visitors are able to sit all day looking at Abramovic, butthere is also a part of only a few minutes, reports the Telegraph,Tuesday (06/01/2010).

Another solo action ever undertaken by Abramovic like stabhimself, playing with fire, and stood for six hours without moving.

The visitors are welcome to do what they want him. Once there was a man holding a weapon directed to the neck, but she said nothing.

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