boy 7 years old, buying a jet fighter

Seven-year-old boy from London became the buyer of a fighter jet Harrier Jump Jet type T-Bird Aircraft XW269 at 113.5 thousand U.S. dollars. Cash only the child's parents panicked, not knowing about the transaction 'magic' that made their children through eBay pages.

FoxNews reported Wednesday. The child is known to play from click the button 'buy it now' to buy a jet that had taken charge in the Falkland War.

Once aware of her son to buy one unit of jet aircraft, the child's parents immediately called up hurriedly Art Jet Aviation, a company salesman, to cancel the transaction. "His father called us and apologized for his son did not know anything. So now the jet was still there and we decided to auction," said a spokesman for Jet Aviation Art.

British Harrier fighter jet fleet had become an integral part of the British Air Force for 26 years. But since 1997, the British government already impound the old iron bird. Meanwhile, U.S. Marines are still flying the second generation Harrier.

Former fighter pilot Royal Air Force (RAF), Chris Wilson, said the jet is likely to become a collector's item or museum entrance. He said there was a special party which is willing to collect a jet fighter.

Is it still fly? Wilson answered still, but must be with the repair. "If you want to take money flown millions of dollars in repairs," he said.

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