Selena annoyed that Justin is more concerned about video games

Relationship between Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez again attracting attention. The love story of two teenage artist is reportedly being tenuous. Gomez was not getting the attention of Bieber.

Gomez reportedly bored through its relationship with the singer of 'Baby'is. He considered Bieber prefer busy playing games with his gadgets device rather than watching as a lover.

"Bieber often find themselves preoccupied with the game even when he was with Gomez," said a source close to the Canadian singer is quoted from

The climax is when Gomez contact Bieber, but the singer who had just successfully held a concert in Indonesia because it does not care about being serious playing video games.
"Gomez was not considered," he said again.

However, when Bieber held a concert in Indonesia, the singer was invited as well as Gomez. The presence of accompanying Gomez Bieber to the attention of Western entertainment media.
They preach that accompany Gomez Bieber during concert 'Justin Bieber's My World Tour' in Indonesia. They stated, Selena looks more daring shows kemesraannya with her ​​lover when they were far from Hollywood.

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