Justin Bieber scolded by his mother, when caught kissing Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber teen singer Selena Gomez caught kissing in the New Year holiday last. Consequently Justin also got scolding from his beloved mother.

Pattie Mallette was deeply shocked by the news and photos of Justin that circulated in the media. He was immediately followed Justin to St. Lucia in the Caribbean on the spot.

The photos closeness Justin and Selena are taken when they enjoy the sun on a yacht. Justin came with her manager and bodyguard while Selena brought along a friend.

"Selena left St Lucia on January 2, leaving Justin alone with his bodyguards, at that time his mother came," said a source quoted by Showbiz Spy, Thursday (06/01/2011).

Justin is often brought her mother and during the tour. But occasionally chanter 'Baby' that wants her mother to stay home.

Having a teenage son who was 16 years old, his mother was still kept an eye on the movements of his son. Justin sometimes complain about it. But he knew all done Pattie for his good.

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