Denise, Charlie Sheen met bans children

Denise Richards Charlie Sheen forbid, her ex-husband, to see her two children. The reason, life is messy Sheen feared could affect their children.

As is known, household Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen that lasted from June 2002 to November 2006 yielded two daughters, namely Sam and Lola are now aged 6 and 5 years. They separated because Sheen often violent and addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Currently, Sheen lived with two women at once, ie, Bree Olson, a popular porn star and a model, Natalie Kenly. In addition, the widely rumored, Charlie Sheen is still addicted to drugs.

"No one knows what will be done Charlie," said Richards, as quoted by the Daily Gossip, Saturday, March 5, 2010. "He seemed happy with his life, but to me it is disgusting. This is my reason for banning Charlie approached her two children. "

Not only with Richards, Sheen to face problems. Tuesday, March 1 last, kids with Brooke Mueller Sheen, the woman who he married in 2008 also brought by the authorities.

Mueller, who was in the process of divorce with Sheen won a restraining order against Sheen because often cast harsh words and physical violence to him. However, Sheen was still trying to regain custody of the twins from Mueller.

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