justin is not accept spelled bad boy

Justin Bieber's behavior under the spotlight from the star series 'CSI', Marg Helgenberger. Helgenberger called Bieber as juvenile delinquents.

The statement asked Helgenberger when he was interviewed on French radio last Friday. The artist is revealed about the singer of 'Baby' was when he asked what the Bieber while on location filming the series.

"I should not say this, but he is a naughty boy," he said as quoted by MTV.com, Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

He then gave examples of Bieber's behavior when on the set. He said Bieber had locked one of the producers in the bathroom.

Hear a statement about himself pitched sloping, 17-year-old singer did not stay silent. He immediately gave his reaction. He did not accept called a brat.

"It was kind of weird, when someone who only met briefly and never work with you to comment. But, hopefully I will comment on their luck," said Bieber in his personal twitter account.

Canadian singer goes on for people to stop spreading gossip and issues irresponsible of him.

"The rumors remain rumors. In the end if we remain good, then people will know who we really are. Sometimes people just say what they want to say. Do not spread gossip about other people," he asserted.

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