Jennifer Aniston facial beauty secrets

Although he was no longer young, Jennifer Aniston still look beautiful and youthful. Her skin is still tight and smooth. Aniston also admitted he was indeed extremely keep her skin healthy.

Aniston really knows secrets that could make her skin condition remained good and beautiful even though he was already 41 years. And he said it felt the impact of these secrets. What is it?

Apparently not that expensive treatment or plastic surgery. Aniston admitted that a very simple secret of beautiful water. He was very diligent mengosumsi water.

"I do not have a tip for looking good but I am diligent to drink plenty of water. That's the most I've noticed for my skin. If I stop drinking, I would be dehydrated. Water is really helpful," Aniston said, as quoted from Zimbio, Saturday, January 29 2011.

That is one secret of the artist's birth this February 11, 1969 in maintaining the softness of her skin. Meanwhile, to support her appearance, Aniston revealed she has hundreds of jeans. He was very fascinated with jeans.

"I like to form a slim boot cut jeans and a blue classic," he said.

This blonde haired artist always uses his favorite jeans in a variety of occasions. When wearing the jeans, Aniston was beautiful and comfortable.

Brad Pitt's ex-wife is also often complement penempilannya with various accessories. However, the choice always falls on a necklace. He was pleased to forge matching necklace in accordance with the clothing she was wearing.

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