fart in the world's most expensive

Sounds like something that silly fart issue could end up in court and lead to a lawsuit with the amount of material which is fantastic, but this is really happening in Sweden.
According to Göran Andervass, 44, a computer technician he arrival of a client in his office and his client were diruangannya fart, fart loud and causing a nasty smell, according to local local newspaper Aftonbladet.

Andervass his client was accused of provoking him to fart in front of him and he was enraged against his client was giving rise to quarrels and the noise that attracted the attention of the entire office, until eventually the news reached the ears of the client's boss who also is director of the National Bank of Sweden.

Andervass and his client called the boss at the Swedish National Bank and find out what really happened, Andervass tells what happened but the client remains strongly denied that she had farted and cause a bad odor, and once again fight almost happened again if alone is not mediated by the director of the Swedish National Bank.
Andervass finally dismissed by the office of the Swedish National Bank boss complaint citing "personal issues".

Of course Andervass not accept and back sue the Swedish National Bank to pangadilan with inmateriil lawsuit for Us $ 100,000 and it turns out that the court granted the lawsuit Andervass Swedish National Bank is obliged to pay compensation amounting to Us $ 100,000 inmateriil!

This is the most expensive gas ever recorded in the history of human civilization.

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