elephant dung to excite sex?

DIRT Elephant becomes a target by a number of fine dining monglomerat in Malaysia. It is said that elephant dung that comes out of her anus after eating durian, can arouse sexual desire for sipenyantapnya.

If the natives of Sumatra to find coffee beans that have not digested in the dirt Civet, society Adam's apple in the forests of Malaysia will follow the elephant that had swallowed a lot of durian.

They take risks to follow this mammal for at least four hours - the duration it takes the animal to digest the durian - before the fruit is not digested out with elephant dung.

Advisory Malaysian Nature Society Johor branch, Vincent Chow, hear durian this unique existence of a tycoon friend and the native forest timber 'Orang Asli'. According to him, was always wood conglomerate filed an order on the Orang Asli during durian season.

Because the stock is scarce, the tycoon would reach into his pocket for RM1.000, for the sake of gratifying her eating it.

"Of course, the Orang Asli want to follow in the footsteps of elephants because they know they will be paid handsomely," said Chor, as the site loaded the New Straits Times.

Do not imagine buffalo or goat dung that smells for mercy.
Because according to locals, the smell of elephant dung like tea, do not sting like other herbivores. Durian is not yet digested it claimed did not contain dirt and bacteria.

In fact, the tycoon claimed durian would be such an aphrodisiac, sexual arousal, aka food plant - after passing through the digestive process of an elephant. Although there is no scientific evidence supporting the claim, demand 'Durian elephant dung' higher and the price continues to rise

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