Christina Aguilera singing the wrong lyrics to national anthem usa

Rocker also human. His name is human, he must have had an error. That is what is described after a slip Christina Aguilera sing the national anthem when the United States (U.S.) yesterday (7 / 2). An error occurred when Aguilera sang The Star-Spangled Banner which is the U.S. national anthem before the Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas, USA, begins.

A popular singer through song Genie in a Bottle is one sang one line of lyrics in the middle of the song. Error was quickly responded to the U.S., because even the Super Bowl is one of the most awaited match of society. Millions of people witnessed the annual event.

Aguilera heartened by directly giving an official statement on the incident. Mentioned, he too animate and lose the moment in the middle of the song. "I just hope that everybody can feel my love of this country. Also, the actual spirit of the song can still be delivered," he said through an official statement issued after the appearance, as reported by the Associated Press yesterday.

Quoted in the Daily Mail, that error may occur because of Aguilera took the lyrics of an accidental one, on the website Wikipedia. The reason, shortly after Aguilera singing, the site immediately to correct the lyrics of The Star-Spangled Banner that was posted.

However, Aguilera did not own. Some singers have done a similar mistake. In 2001, Macy Gray booed when the wrong lyrics for the song the same. At that time I Try singer was singing before the game Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. "It was the most embarrassing moment of my life," Gray said.

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