Jennifer Aniston fake wife

Some of the movie, starring Jennifer Aniston touted as a picture of his private life. Like when he starred in the movie 'Break-Up' after a divorce with Brad Pitt and acts as a single woman aged 40 who wish to have children, in the romantic comedy 'Switch'.

Jen, Aniston's close calls, of course denies this. Especially when his latest movie 'Just Go With It' was released.
In his new film, ex-lover John Mayer is living as a doctor who pretends to be a wife of a man who played by Adam Sandler. This was done to help Sandler get impiannnya girl played by Brooklyn Decker.

"To this one can not be parallel. I'm not a fake wife, I'm not a doctor, also does not work with one of them, or to be seen on television," said Jen on Chelsea Handler as a guest star on the show 'Chelsea Lately', such as quoted from U.S.

But Jen adds explanation. "I might have a husband lies in a place."

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